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SFPS founded in 1980 as a primary distributor of propagation material from Central America. As the industry has evolved and matured our suppliers have evolved as well. Some of our suppliers have been with us since our beginning. We distribute in the Florida market and the southeast part of the US.

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Our product is propagation material of green foliage, primary market wholesale nurseries. This material is used for commercial production of larger pot material. As you can see from the propagation list below some of the products we handle. Profits are important in our industry and what sets us apart from others is the clean healthy product you receive, therefore little or no problems with losses and claims. This allows for maximum sales from a production bed insuring maximum profits for our customers.

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Check out the latest Aglaonema pictures here.

Name Size Form
Maria 8/10 in URC
Maria 10/12 in URC
Maria Christina 10/12 in URC
Silver Bay 12/15 in URC
Tropic Passion 10/12 in C/C
Aurora Siam 10/12 in C/C


Name Size Form
Golden S L/E
Golden M L/E
Hawiian S L/E
Hawaiian M L/E
Marble Queen S L/E
Marble Queen M L/E


Name Form
Ellen Danica L/E
Grape L/E


Name Size Form
Janet Craig 10/12 in R/C
Warn Lemon Lime 10/12 in R/C
Warn Reg 10/12 in R/C
JC Compacta 6/8 in C/C
JC Compacta 8/10 in C/C
JC Compacta 10/12 in C/C
Warn Compacta 6/8 in C/C
Song of India 8/10 in A/L
Florida Beauty 6/8 in URC
Florida Beauty 8/10 in URC
Godseffiana 6/8 in URC
Godseffiana 8/10 in URC
Juanita 6/8 in URC
Juanita 8/10 in URC
Marginata Green URC
Marginata Magenta URC
Marginata Bicolor URC
Marginata Colorama URC
Marginata Canes (all colors) 4 in A/L


Name Size Form
Beauty Kim 4/6 in URC
Beauty Kim 6/8 in URC
Beauty Kim 8/10 in URC
Green 4/6 in URC
Green 6/8 in URC
Green 8/10 in URC
Red 4/6 in URC
Red 6/8 in URC
Red 8/10 in URC


Check out the latest Peperomia pictures here.

Name Size
Ginny 2/4 in
Ginny 4/6 in
Golden Gate 2/4 in
Golden Gate 4/6 in
Green 2/4 in
Green 4/6 in
Green Gold 2/4 in
Green Gold 4/6 in
Marble 2/4 in
Marble 4/6 in
Red Edge 2/4 in
Red Edge 4/6 in
Red Margin 2/4 in
Red Margin 4/6 in
Variegatta 2/4 in
Variegatta 4/6 in
Lemon Lime 2/4 in
White Ginny 2/4 in
Green Ginny 2/4 in


Name Size
Cordatum S
Cordatum M


Check out the latest Liriope pictures here.

Name Form
Aztec Grass Bibbs
Evergreen Giant Bibbs
Super Blue 5 in Bibbs
Variegated 5 in Bibbs
Aztec 5 in Bibbs
Big Blue 5 in Bibbs
Spicata 5 in Bibbs
Silver Dragon 5 in Bibbs
Stella D’oro Singles
Stella D’oro Clumps
Regular Mondo
Dwarf Mondo


Check out the latest Croton pictures here.

Name Size Form
AFD-5 6/8 in URC
AFD-5 8/10 in URC
Banana 6/8 in URC
Banana 8/10 in URC
Big Red Banana 6/8 in URC
Big Red Banana 8/10 in URC
Batik 8/10 in URC
Eburneum 8/10 in URC
Eleanor Roosevelt 8/10 in URC
Eleanor Roosevelt 10/12 in URC
Exelente 6/8 in URC
Exelente 8/10 in URC
Exelente 10/12 in URC
Fiesta 8/10 in URC
Gold Dust 6/8 in URC
Gold Dust 8/10 in URC
Gold King 8/10 in URC
Iceton Lemon Lime 8/10 in URC
Johanna Coppinger 8/10 in URC
Johanna Coppinger 10/12 in URC
Mamey 6/8 in URC
Mamey 8/10 in URC
Mamey 10/12 in URC
Mr. Iceton 6/8 in URC
Mr. Iceton 8/10 in URC
Mrs. Robinson 8/10 in URC
Petra 6/8 in URC
Petra 8/10 in URC
Petra 10/12 in URC
Red Banana 6/8 in URC
Red Banana 8/10 in URC
Rocio 6/8 in URC
Rocio 8/10 in URC
Sunny Star 4/6 in URC
Sunny Star 6/8 in URC
Sunny Star 8/10 in URC
Twist & Point 6/8 in URC
Twist & Point 8/10 in URC
Yellow Mamey 8/10 in URC
Zanzibar 8/10 in URC


Check out the latest Ivy pictures here.

Name Form
Algerian L/E
Ralph Ivy L/E or Vine
Yellow Ripple L/E or Vine
Moreago L/E or Vine
Ann Marie L/E or Vine
Baby Leaf L/E or Vine
Baltic L/E or Vine
California L/E or Vine
English L/E or Vine
Eva L/E or Vine
Gertrude Strauss L/E or Vine
Glacier L/E or Vine
Gold Dust L/E or Vine
Gold Heart L/E or Vine
Golden Cecilie L/E or Vine
Golden Child L/E or Vine
Golden Esther L/E or Vine
Golden Ingot L/E or Vine
Golden Jitte L/E or Vine
Golden Kollibri L/E or Vine
Hanns L/E or Vine
Ideal L/E or Vine
Ingellise L/E or Vine
Ingrid Liz L/E or Vine
Kollibri L/E or Vine
Lady Kay L/E or Vine
Melissa L/E or Vine
Mint Lollibri L/E or Vine
Natasja L/E or Vine
Needle Point L/E or Vine
Pittsburgh L/E or Vine
Prima Donna L/E or Vine
Ralph L/E or Vine
Ripple L/E or Vine
Sagittaefolia L/E or Vine
Shamrock L/E or Vine
Silver Dust L/E or Vine
Sweet Heart L/E or Vine
White Wonder L/E or Vine
Wonder L/E or Vine
Yellow Ripple L/E or Vine
Gloria de Marengo L/E
Thorndale L/E or Vine
Tiger Eyer L/E or Vine
Ideal L/E or Vine
Mint Kollirbi L/E or Vine
Ivalace L/E or Vine

Spider Pups

Check out the latest grasses pictures here.

Name Size Form
Variegated (Iva) Single RC
Variegated (Iva) Clumps RC
Rheo Tricolor Single RC

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